Size PPL is an AI-based technology that

creates an ”on the fly” Fashion ID which consists of an individuals multi-body

dimensions and favorite fashion style

Our Vision

Size PPL strives to revolutionize the fashion world with its AI-based technology that helps users have their most accurate body size simply by linking their social network profile. We will identify the exact body dimensions of buyers and issue a unique fashion ID within seconds. The company strives to have its system found in every fashion eCommerce site, thus minimizing the returns of fashion items and improving user experience.

The Problem

Outdated Standards

The outdated standards for clothes (S, M, L, XL), that has not changed since 1885, creates a mismatch between the size of the garment and the size of the customer in online shopping.

Return Rates

As a result, the industry is experiencing massive return rates that economically harm online retailers and also causes severe environmental pollution.

Clothing Mismatch

Over 80% of online fashion item returns occur due to this mismatch. Global returns are estimated at over $120 billion and are expected to exceed $150 billion by 2022.

The Solution

Frictionless Body Measurement

Size PPL will develop a unique measurement Technology that measures the buyer from existing images and provides body measurements quickly without any user intervention, allowing the customer to make smarter decisions

Fashion ID

In addition to precise body measurements, Size PPL's technology builds a unique fashion ID for each user. With the help of image processing AI technology, we strive to build a fashionable profile for each user in a matter of seconds.